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Many nail salons the world over use OPI nail polish. They choose OPI because of its
strength and durability.

OPI nail polish is great for your natural nails and your artificial nails. This polish will bring out the beauty of your nails and all your friends will be envious. OPI will give you feeling of a Greek Goddess as you wear it proudly where ever you may venture out in the world.

OPI polish comes in many different types and many magnificent colors. They have 11 different tones to choose from in their classic collection. With the bronze tone you can choose from Smok’n in Havana to Sonora Sunset. OPI nail polish under burgundy gives you colors like Romeo and Juliet. Earth tones are very pretty and can go with any outfit you may want to wear. Mauve tones are a unique blend in colors that OPI has perfected with names like Nomad’s Dream. In their neutral tones you will have many choices to choose from to make your nails more beautiful than you could imagine. Other tones in the OPI are orange, peach, pink, purple, red and rose. You will never run out of colors to try in OPI nail polish’s classic collection.

OPI nail polish has a British Collection that you are sure to want to wear with names from Chocolate Shake-peare and London Bridge is falling brown. The British collection is unique and says OPI quality and endurance. This collection also comes in several tones like burgundy, earth, mauve, neutral, orange, pink, purple, red and rose. You will absolutely love trying these new colors and tones.

The Greek Collection is a fun and adventurous style in OPI nail polish. With tones such as blue, festive, neutral, orange, peach, pink, purple, and red you will never be left of the inner circle. This collection will be the talk of the town this spring and summer with names like Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie and Melon of Troy.

OPI nail polish also comes in lacquer; the Greek Collection is in this line. Other lacquer’s from OPI are Sheer Romance with colors that will delight you, Summer Splash that will give you plenty of attention, and the British collection that is sure to give the royal treatment.

No matter which OPI collection you decide to use i will be able to help you chose just the right one for your skin tones and you will have the satisfaction in knowing that you are wearing one of the most strongest and durable nail polishes available today.